Why Give to HealthReach Community Health Centers

Our patients

     The health centers of HRCHC enrich hundreds of lives each year by providing routine health care, chronic care monitoring and urgent care services to 25,000 Maine citizens and visitors. Every charitable dollar our organization receives has the potential for sustained impact. HealthReach is one of the largest community health center systems in Maine with eleven rural centers serving over eighty cities and towns.

     The willingness of donors to invest in HRCHC ensures to high quality health care not only for themselves and their families, but also for their community.

Our mission

     The HRCHC mission is to provide the highest quality health care that is affordable and close to home in rural Maine communities. We serve patients of all ages and income brackets.

     In a patient centered, cost effective manner, our medical and dental professionals provide care to a large number of patients who receive federal and state insurances (Medicare and MaineCare - Medicaid). In addition, we provide care to residents who are uninsured or underinsured through an Affordable Care Program based on income and family size. Furthermore, our providers treat residents who have access to a variety of health care options, but value the quality and proximity to home of HRCHC and choose our health centers for their care.

Our History and Connection with other Community Health Centers (CHCs)

     The health centers of HealthReach Community Health Centers and other CHCs across the state and country serve an important role in the United States Public Health system. For over forty years, CHCs have been offering high quality, accessible, affordable health care to people in medically underserved areas of the U.S. Today, spread across 50 states and all U.S. territories, there are 1,200 Community Health Centers that provide vital primary care to 20 million Americans who call CHCs their family doctor and health care home.

     The CHC movement began in the 1960s when resources were mobilized to fight the War on Poverty. At that time, millions of Americans in inner cities and rural areas suffered from deep poverty and a desperate need for health care. Health centers now constitute an integral part of the nation’s health delivery system and hold the distinction of being the only health care system controlled in partnership with patients.

     Numerous studies have demonstrated that Community Health Centers improve the quality of life of our patients and contribute to the health and well being of the communities by:
  • Improving Access to Primary and Preventive Care
  • Delivering High Quality Health Care
  • Effectively Managing Chronic Illness
  • Providing Cost-Effective Care
  • Reducing Health Disparities
  • Creating Jobs and Stimulating Economic Growth
To learn more about community health centers (CHCs) visit https://www.nachc.org/

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